Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Something

My husband has a Coal Mine Training business and most of his work is done in his facility but he has a few bigger companies out of town that he travels to and does training for usually in December.  He asked me if I would make a little something he could give to the office staff of some of these companies.  I made up about 20 of these little jars and filled them M&M's for him to take with him on his next trip.

It is hard to believe that October is almost gone, I have spent most of it in doctors offices but am happy to say that I am slowly getting my strength back and have stamped a few things.  I got the results of my PET scan last week and there is only a small spot on my spleen.  After hearing my options about what to do about it, my doctor and I decided to just let it be until January and then repeat the PET scan.  He will do some type of surgery either way, if it has grown bigger he will remove the entire spleen, if it is the same he will take out the spot.  My question was what if it is gone....and his reply was we can hope.....mine was know anything is possible with GOD!  Thank you for your prayers!

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