Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I got my  pre-order from the holiday catalog!  I love the poinsettia punch and matching stamp set.  I bought  a beautiful poinsettia around Thanksgiving last year and hoped that it would stay pretty through Christmas and it did.  I had it near a sunny window and it kept blooming past Christmas and then through January, February, and March.  It looked a little ragged around April so I trimmed it a little.  It was still blooming in May so I decided to try planting it outside, it has thrived and has doubled in size and is beautiful.  I plan on digging it up before frost and bringing it inside.  Now, you have to know my flower growing skills to think this is amazing, I can kill artificial flowers!  Anyway...hope you like my paper version!

Here is the real thing...no red leaves at present but they kinda come and go, probably because I have it planted in mostly shade.  thanks for stopping by!

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