Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mint Macaron Wedding and Birthday Party

I made these projects  in March  for a wedding  but didn't want to show them until after the wedding.  I saw this basket here and copied it almost exactly.  This was used for the flower girl basket.

 The bride wanted something to put the necklaces for her bridesmaids in so I made a simple box.    This is one for a birthday party I am working on since I didn't make myself an extra one when I made them for the wedding.

And a smaller one for the charm bracelet for the flower girl.  I love how these turned out and the bride was very pleased.  thanks for stopping by!

Update on my son since I have had several emails asking about him....he came through his back surgery very well even though it lasted 8 hours.  I got him home yesterday and although his pain is not easily controlled yet he says he already feels like the surgery worked.  He has a long road ahead to get well from this surgery and will probably have the second one in about 90 days. thanks for your concern and your prayers!

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