Friday, September 2, 2016

Halloween Treat Bag

I don't usually do a lot of Halloween projects, it seems Halloween has changed so much over the years
and   kids don't go door to door anymore.   That has been replaced by Trunk or Treat which is a really good thing since it is so much safer and so easy.  Our church does Trunk or Treat every year and usually has hundreds of kids pass through and it is such a good evangelism tool as well.  We have them fill out an information sheet so that we can send them an invitation to church and tell them about all the programs we offer for kids and adults.  I usually work in it in some capacity and donate the candy that I would have given out at my house.  This project was made with the Bag Punch Board, I tend to forget about my punch boards, I need to use them more often.  Thanks for stopping by!

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