Thursday, November 1, 2012

Turkey Time

Good morning! Whew!  I can't believe it is November already, I think October whooped me bad.  I had so much going on with birthdays and everything else that I can't remember when I slept more that 4-5 hours last.  And of course, Halloween had to go out with a boom, we were returning home after Trunk or Treat at church and had a little accident.  My husband and I both drove and I pulled in the driveway first and when we got out of the car, Dalton was running to meet Papa and fell and cut his hand.  We ended up at the ER to get glued back together.

I have a craft show this weekend, it is one that I have gone to for several years and my customers expect certain things to be there.  These little turkey favors are always popular.  I will have several versions but this one is my favorite.  I don't remember where I saw these, it would have been at least two years ago and I change it a little each time.  I used the Scalloped Circle punch to create the tail feathers, the one inch punch for the face, and the waddle is made from a small heart and then put a scalloped circle back in and take a bite out.  The head and tail feathers are sandwiched between a wrapped chocolate nugget.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Flipfloppingmamma said...

hope you will be at southeastern. :)