Thursday, June 20, 2013

Owl Birthday Party

Good afternoon!  What a day this has been....I came to the office this morning and discovered that overnight someone had written terrible language graffiti all over our building and parking lot.  So, after calling the police and filing a report, I had the task of cleaning it up.  Luckily it was done with chalk rather than spray paint which made the task easier.

I got one birthday party finished today and started my second one for this week.  I had taken this sample to my last event and someone saw it and ordered the invitations and favors but in a different color. 

here is a close up of the favor boxes made from Box # 2.

I always add a banner to my parties for free.

The decorated water bottles...

The birthday card which is the same as the invitations only I did 20 of the them.

 and last is the gift tag.

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