Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gobble, Gobble

Good evening!  I stayed home today and baked......48 small loaves and 4 large loaves of pumpkin bread.  Most of it has already been delivered to friends and neighbors but a lot  has also been eaten by two little ones.  I have a loaf pan that I can bake eight small loaves at once and I emptied it and started refilling for round two.  After I got the second batch in the oven, I turned around to start putting icing on the first ones....but there was only four on the plate.  Being the detective that I am I was able to follow the crumb path out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into a bedroom where I lost sight of crumbs.  But I did hear some giggles in the closet...there I found Ava(age 3) and Dalton(age 4) with a half eaten loaf in each hand.  Those two are  never ending fun! 

I have another turkey project to share.  These were made for a customer who needed 20 for her kids at daycare.  Very simple and fun, just add a few M's or candy corn and they are sure to please.

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