Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Paper Pumpkin

Good morning!  Today I have a card made from the November Paper Pumpkin kit.  I must admit, I haven't even opened all of the kits I have got so far.  I just haven't had time and also I am not a big fan of kits, I like to do my own thing.  I did add the Gumball Green layer but everything else is from the kit, the Noel panel comes pre-printed and pre-cut and the stars come sewn together.

Warning.....the rest of this post is just a crazy woman ranting!
I guess I spoke too soon on Monday about everyone in my family being on the mend.  Yesterday round three hit....I took my son, Seth, to the ER and he now has pneumonia.  While at the ER the school called and said Shelby had a fever of 102 so I took her to an After Hours Clinic after I got Seth home and settled in with his breathing treatments going.  Luckily Shelby doesn't have pneumonia....yet...only an Upper Respiratory Infection.  Sadie has already had her turn with double ear infection and walking pneumonia this month.  Dalton still has a cough from his cold but no fever. I sent Ava home so she wouldn't get exposed to all the sickies. I am the only one left standing!!!  I must be healthy as a horse because I have spent the last two weeks in either the hospital or a doctor's office and haven't even as much as sneezed...yet. 

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