Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Easter Ever!

The retirement list is posted, you can view it by going here and here.  I decided to post a card made with a couple retiring items, the Pop-n-Cuts card base die and the Zoo Review stamp set.  The rest of this post is about family if you want to check out now.

Did you have a good Easter weekend, we certainly did, it was perfect!  We had beautiful weather and lots of family time starting on Friday and going strong until late last night.  The kids had a blast. I didn't get a picture of them doing Resurrection eggs but they enjoyed it and it is such a good teaching tool.

Ava, Dalton, and Sadie died eggs.  Shelby is 15 and she has decided that none of us are "cool" and that she is too old to join in our silliness so she hung out in her room on the phone most of the weekend.

Here is the finished products.

Empty Easter baskets on the front porch awaiting the Easter Bunny(we put one out for Shelby as well).

Enjoying the treats the Easter bunny brought(before bath time and getting dressed for church).

Ready for church minus Shelby.

After church, the hunt is on!

Ava and Chad posing together.

Dalton and Seth posing together.

My oldest daughter didn't make it in time for anything except dinner since she had to work.  I managed to burn my hand early in the day while getting Resurrection Rolls out of the oven so I spent a lot of time with my hand in a bag of ice(even through church) .  My husband insisted I go to the doctor but I couldn't miss out on any of the fun.  Now, it looks as if I should of listened, it is probably going to require an antibiotic.

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