Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blended Bloom

Today I have another Blendabilitites project, I love coloring this gorgeous flower.

I have to tell you what my Littles have been up to, it is always a zoo at my house but yesterday was the craziest ever.  It started out with a water line break outside which meant the water had to be turned off most of the day while it was repaired.  Of course Ava and Dalton wanted to be in the middle of the action but I banished them to the back yard to play.  It wasn't long before Ava come running in crying hysterically saying I am going to die like Snow White.  They had found some apples that had fallen off one of our trees and Ava had taken a bite of one.  Dalton told her that it was a poison apple and of course that set the fairytale wheels turning.  I finally settled her down and sent her back outside only to look out the window a little later to find her stretched out on the picnic table with most of my blooming flowers around her.  I could hardly keep a straight face as I scolded them for picking all my flowers.  Never a dull moment!

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