Saturday, September 6, 2014

$5 Friday

Good Saturday morning!  I put my thinking cap on a few weeks ago and thought about my customers and the things that limit them when it comes to attending classes.  I made a list of what they have told me and it seemed the biggest thing was schedule conflicts.  So I have set up a "revolving" class...there is nothing scheduled except the day of the week.  I have made up kits with all the materials needed to make a card and have them on a shelf in my shop, they choose the time on a Friday to come make the cards.  The cards are very simple and three cards can  easily be made in an hour.  All the kits will be available  and they get to choose which kit, the time, and make as many as they want.  I will be making up new kits every week plus replenishing the ones that have been used.  I have another type of class coming as well, details coming soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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