Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I made some of these for a sweet lady who comes by every year to get something for her Sunday school class for Christmas.  I had to change my design this year since the Bath and Body hand sanitizers are a different shape.

I had a fun lunch date today, Dalton earned a Limo ride by being one of the top sellers in a school fundraiser.  They got picked up at school and then rode to Pizza hut for lunch and then rode through town a couple times and then back to school.

He was all smiles when he got out.

He told me last night he sure hoped they got cheese pizza because that's his favorite.  I asked him what a limousine was and he said it is a really long car with lots of windows and "famous" people ride in it.  I don't know about famous but I do know he is the sweetest boy I know!

Bellies full, now back to school!  

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Evan Blake said...

I am a sixth grade teacher. Have been for years. We also do a fundraiser thing every year. About five years ago, we did the same thing. It ended up being our best year ever. I have been pushing for the limo ride award since that time. It is a really motivation for kids. They absolutely love it. Naturally, they love the restaurant, too.

Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indy