Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Little Foxy

This little fox is so adorable!  We live in a subdivision and a few years ago a family of foxes decided to take up residence across the street from our house.   There was a mommy and three babies and every morning they came in our backyard and drank from a little garden pond there.  When they got a little older, they started to venture further into the subdivision and some people were afraid of them so animal control came and tried to capture them for relocation.  It was no easy task, the foxes outsmarted them on several occasions.  They finally set live traps and removed them but we got to enjoy them from  a distance for a little while.  So I had to have the Fox Builder punch because I plan on making a scrap book page about our little fox adventure.  The good thing about the punch is that you can also create other critters such as a skunk, cat, and a raccoon .  It also coordinates with the Foxy Friends stamp set and the A Little Foxy DSP.

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