Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tasty Trucks

I had to have this stamp the minute I saw it, I got it to make a scrapbook page about a childhood memory...of course I have to share that as well.  I grew up in the country and we hardly ever made into town but on the few occasions we did we usually got an ice cream cone if we had been good.  Then one summer, an ice cream truck started coming to us, they only came through once a week and that was the highlight of our week.  We would sit for hours by the road waiting to hear that ding a ling chime that he played.   One very hot day we were waiting and since I was the oldest, I always got to be in charge of holding on to the quarters to pay for it but my sister begged my dad to let her hold  it just once.  We finally heard the truck coming and we ran up to the road and put our order in and Mr. Ice Cream Man told us how much it was and my sister couldn't find the money.  She looked all around where we had been waiting and it just wasn't to be found.  We both cried when Mr. Ice Cream Man pulled out and we had no ice cream.  I fussed at her all the way home and ran ahead to tell on her for losing the money.  Of course my dad questioned her about where she had it and she told him she had it in her hand and then she opened her hand to show him and guess what was there...the two quarters! She was so afraid of losing it that she had kept her hand clenched so tight that she forgot about it.  I never let her carry the quarters again!  My sister's birthday is in April and I plan on sending her this card, I am sure she will think of this story the minute she sees it.  Love you sis!

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