Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Candy

You know what I forgot to do? I promised blog candy and then forgot to put it on my blog...must be I'm getting old and forgetful. Well..here it is...leave me a comment on what your favorite flower is and you will be entered to win the materials all cut and ready to make the following projects: the Easter treat bag from the March 8 post minus the candy, three daisies from the post on March 6, a box (will be in a different paper) like in the post on Feb. 12, and the card in the post on Jan. 31. You have to work for this one, you have to go back through my blog to see the photos of the items you win!!


harrahx2 said...

This is my second visit to your gallery. I love your bird card (one of my favorite stamps...) and the flowers, how did you do them? My favorite flower(s) are Jonquils, Iris and violets because they grow freely and as a child, I didn't get in trouble if I picked them! Love your work. I will definitely add you to my favorite blogs. Thanks so much for sharing. Are you going to give flower making directions?

Anonymous said...

My favorite flowers are Tulips and Pansys. I love the flowers that you made. They are AWSOME!!
Denise Y.
If I win denise_yanes@yahoo.com.

Primitive Seasons said...

My favorite flowers are jonquils, daisies, and hydrangeas because they are all easy to grow. Love your paper daisies and your other creations. Hope I can win!


Linda said...

My favorite flowers are Iris's & Gladiola's. I miss not being able to grow them here in Florida, I miss all my bulb type flowers :(. Your daisy flowers are very neat. I like the group of 4 from you March 6th post. Hope I win!!!

Suzanne said...

I have always loved carnations. There are so many colors and the scent is one I never tire of. I like cinnamon and the carnation's scent reminds me of that. Thanks so much for sharing how you make flowers!!

Rose said...

I was just looking at that flower die this morning, wondering if I should get it, well I guess I should.

cooking cat woman said...

I "think" my favorites are roses and lillies, but of course I like daisies, hydrangeas.  I look every day to see if you've posted something new and pretty.

Anonymous said...

my favorite flowers are roses and lillies, but of course I like daisies and dyrangeas, too.