Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I live in a zoo!

To say it has been crazy around here is an understatement! The girls and I went to Springfield over the weekend for a Girl Scout activity, a Lincoln Pilgrimage, it was very educational and we enjoyed it even though my back, feet and legs are still aching from all the walking. I didn't remember to pack sun screen and we got a sun/wind burn which caused the girls to get a little grumpy on the way home not to mention that the air conditioner in my card broke as well. We got home late Sunday night to find out the air conditioner in the house was also not working. The car is in the shop today and it is going to cost $1100.00 and the repairman for the house hasn't arrived yet today and I would imagine it will cost even more than the car. Sometimes I think my house is a zoo and I am a zookeeper. Shelby, my 10 year broke her foot yesterday at dance class. They are performing some pretty difficult jumps and her dance teacher said she did the best one she has ever done until she landed and she knew instantly something happened. Shelby tried really hard to just suck it up on go on, she didn't call me, and she even managed to limp out to the car when I picked her up, but once in the car the tears came. I knew it had to be fractured just by looking at it because of a big knot on the side of her foot. And to make it even worse, dance recital is in 3 weeks! She is on crutches with a compression bandage for a few days and then she goes back for more x-rays.

I did manage to get a card done last night after the girls went to bed. I used the set "Friends 24/7" I have seen a lot of cards made with this but hadn't even mounted mine until yesterday. I love every stamp in this set but especially the bird. I used SU specialty paper, Parisian Breeze and Baja Breeze card stock. Hopefully, I will be able to post more from the "Zoo" tomorrow!


tmcc4 said...

I like this card! it's so pretty! I just love that bird..i'm gonna have to get me some..LOL!

BananaStamper said...

Very nice! Love the colour combo.