Friday, December 25, 2009

Camera Problems Solved(maybe)

I may have got my camera problems solved, not totally sure but I have certainly spent a good deal of time working on it. I updated some things on my computer a couple weeks ago and I guess that was when my problems started. But anyway, I was able to post today and so I wanted to wish all my faithful blogging friends a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. We have had such a wonderful day today just spending time with family, the girls awoke at 4:30 and were ready to come downstairs to see if Santa had come. Of course they woke everyone in the house with squeals of excitement so we opened gifts and then I went back to bed for a little while and Toy stayed up with the girls and helped unpackage and get everything ready to play with. We lost our power for a little while and the girls had to come wake me to tell me that bit of news so it has been a long but wonderful day.
Here is a video of my 6 year old, Sadie, who is in Kindergarten in her Christmas performance at
school. She is in the fourth row, third from the right with a maroon dress, and very active as usual.

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