Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Gift

Today I want to share the best gift I have ever received, my beautiful girls! God sent them to us at the most perfect time in our life, when we could enjoy them the most. They keep me so busy and sometimes I get so tired I think I can't make it through the day but then God gives me the strength.  These photos are from a GREAT photographer, Tonya Conn, her business is called Connart and she does photography of all types but we always have a session in the Fall at her farm in Hardin County when the leaves at their peak.  As you can see, she does really good work.

 This is probably the only one out of 150 shots that Sadie isn't smiling, she is a happy girl all the time and has a big smile on her face to prove it!

Dalton is really enjoying this photo session!

 Look at all the dirt on his pants, he liked rolling in the leaves a whole better than sitting still for a picture!

 Shelby is growing up way too fast, she has a semi-formal dance next week and we found her a beautiful dress.  I sometimes wish I could hold them at this age for a little longer.


Lynn said...

Beautiful them are very blessed!

Wendie said...

What beautiful blessings! I can see a beautiful scrapbook layout in the making.