Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Basket

Good evening!  Well, the terrible twos are here for sure, Dalton has been rotten for the past two days.  He is in to everything and my stamping time has been cut way down.  I did manage to stamp for a little while as he napped today.  I made a cute little bunny basket using the Scallop Circle die and the Fancy Favor die.  I used various other dies for the bunny parts.  I made one very similar last year but must of sol it because I didn't find it in my Easter decorations.  The girls like to have a few decorations for their rooms so I will have to find time to make one more of these for sure.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Michelle said...


Awww this is adorable!!

I remember the terrible twos!! It's a tough time, my guys were right little shockers. But then I would go in to their rooms and see their sweet little faces while they were napping and all would be forgiven, lol.

Hang in there!

Michelle :-)