Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Grow

Good morning!  My morning has been more than hectic, it has been crazy...the kids are not cooperating at all, they are bickering with each other and Dalton is right in the middle of it.  Now that Dalton is two I have taken the pacifier from him and he is doing really well without it, he hasn't asked for it at all but he is a little restless at night.  Now potty training is a different story, he tells me he needs to go and when we get to the bathroom it is all about getting toilet paper and washing hands and then a few minuetes later I find he has gone in his pull-up.  Oh well, maybe too much all at once.

I did mange to get a card done with all the craziness going on.  I got inspiration from this card.  I really like the On the Grow stamp set, it is a lot of fun to color.  If you asked for a catalog to be mailed, you should have gotten them by now.  I have a few left but will not order anymore until July 1, so if you need one let me know soon.

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Michelle said...


Oh I remember the days of toilet training my boys. It can be so frustrating.

Your card fabulous, great little image.

Hope you are well.

Michelle :-)