Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Picnic Basket Will Travel

Good evening!  Just so you know this week has been deemed "Play Week" at my house which means I will not be in the office to stamp all week.  A couple years ago money was tight at our house so instead of taking a real vacation we did all the local fun summer things and the girls asked me a few weeks ago if we could do it again.  The one thing they loved the most was having picnics, you see my PB&J sandwiches are the absolute best or so they say!  So,  yesterday's play meant packing up the picnic basket and heading to Venture River which is a fun water park.  Today was a trip to the zoo with picnic basket in tow.  Tomorrow is another swim day somewhere(haven't decided where yet) and of course the picnic basket will travel with us. I will have a picture to share tomorrow of the trusty picnic basket and maybe even a few from the zoo.

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