Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Party!

Good Monday morning!  Today I have the rest of the items for the party I have been working on.  I showed you part of it last week here.  I actually finished ahead of schedule this time, I worked most of the day Saturday finishing up and was happy that my customer was so thrilled with the end product.  I had fun finding  the items to make into party favors using the colors she choose.  The top photo is gummy worms, tootsie rolls, and sour(I forgot the name) candy.  Next are the cupcake picks, I made 24 of these and 12 of all the other items.  The third item is touchable bubbles, these came in a package of four and in the exact colors I was looking for!  For the last three, I used the 1x8 cellophane bags and they contain Sweet Tarts, jelly beans, and crayons.  Thanks for stopping by!

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