Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update on Spider Bite

Thanks to all who sent messages yesterday concerning my daughter, Heather.   We really appreciate all the prayers.  There were several questions so I will answer them here as well as through emails.  Recluse Spiders inject a poison that decays the tissue around the site.  The poison last for seven days and it can't be stopped, there is no anti venom for it.  There is a genetic inclination for a person to be bitten(my mother was bitten years ago so my daughter inherited the gene from her).  All that can be done for the seven days that it is active is steroid and antibiotic treatment.  After the seven days, surgery is almost always required to fix the area affected.  My mom had to have silicone injected into the hole and then skin grafts over it.  I am cleaning the site and removing some of the tissue each day and then redressing it.  We are on day 6 of the 7 and the wound looked only a little bit bigger today, it is probably about 2 1/2 inches wide at this point but is very deep.  Another concern is where it is.  it is over the hip joint and she is very tiny so we don't want it to reach the hip joint.  Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

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Angie H. said...

Sandy, I have been on vacation and just now saw the post about the spider bite. I am so sorry to hear about it! Will be praying for her!