Saturday, May 3, 2014

Birthday Wishes

I couldn't resist making another daisy card, this one in opposite colors for the flowers and Project Life panel.  I have enjoyed this Retro Fresh DSP and you will probably see me using it even after it retires.  Today is National Scrapbook Day so I hope to get some photos organized and make some Project Life pages.... we will see....since laundry is crawling out the utility room door, Dalton is hungry, Ava is whiney, Sadie is making messes in her room with nail polish,  Shelby has her door locked and screams at the little ones every time they knock, and Toy....well, he has his ear plugs in listening to music on his laptop...clueless to all that is going on.   Typical Saturday at the zoo!

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Cheryl McAskill said...

Your Saturday at the zoo, sounds like my house! I have a lot of people dropping by, as I try to get cleaning done and laundry too. Plus I had to drop car at dealership Fri. and then at 2pm go pick it up to the tune of a lot of money I just really didn't have! The whole rear suspension had to be worked on. Hey the car is 10 yrs old and has to last till the other car is paid off. Then I can afford another car payment. I have been so busy the past three days I have not been able to get into the stamp area!