Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Dalton is Five!

I can't believe my baby boy is five years old, he is growing up way to fast for me.  He is a little sad in  this picture.  We had his birthday party on Saturday at a Gymnastics facility and the kids got to play for an hour and then had to go to the party room to open gifts and have cake.  He just wasn't through playing at this point but he soon cheered up when it got time to open gifts.

I couldn't get any clear pictures, he nor Ava would slow down long enough, most of them are a blur as they sped past me.  That is Ava behind him.

The party all set up and ready.

A close up of his cake.  He loved it.  I was surprised at how easy this cake is to make.  Just bake your cake according to box directions, cool, add icing, and press Kit Kat candies around the base.  I added M&M's to the top.

And finally a much happier little boy opening gifts, he got a lot of Ninja Turtle toys which made him very happy!

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Cheryl McAskill said...

They grow so fast! Glad he got his ninja turtles! What little boy doesn't love that!