Monday, August 18, 2014

Bearing Gifts

This was one of the first stamps from the Holiday Catalog that caught my eye.  I just needed it to have on more little girl(so it would be all my kiddos) on it and then it would have been my Christmas card this year.  It was fun to color with the Blendability markers.  It is hard to see but I also added a few snowflakes and sequins from the Frosted Sequins embellishments.

Today is the first day of school and I have a couple photos to show you.  I am always ready for school to start back until it actually does and then it takes me a few days to adjust.  This year it was especially hard to see my baby boy go off to kindergarten.

My girls are growing up way to fast, Sadie is in fifth grade and Shelby is in tenth and they are both taller than me which they think is funny.

Dalton didn't cry but he sure looks sad in this picture.  He was excited until we got there and then he realized we were going to leave him.  Ava will be going to pre-school when it starts in about two weeks, I will share pictures of her then.

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