Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last Sunday School Class Before Heaven

Up until about a year ago, I taught  a Sunday School for 4 year olds but gave it up when my knees wouldn't allow me to get on the floor with them anymore.  I hadn't been to an adult SS class in over 14 years and at our church the classes are divided up by age so I went to the one I thought was for my age group.  But the class I should of been in had moved to another area and the classroom was now occupied by the "over eighty" group or "the last class before Heaven" ladies as it is fondly referred to.  Rather than just shutting the door and moving on, I sat down and joined them thinking I could always go to the "right" class next week.  How wrong could was I!  Those beautiful ladies immediately melted my heart and I knew I was already in the right class, they have so much to give and so much to teach me, this will be my last class before Heaven!

I got a real surprise for my birthday a few weeks ago.  This card was made by a special lady in my Sunday School class.  It is hand drawn and then water colored.  I knew that she was an artist and did painting but had never seen her work.  I truly love this kind and gentle lady and can't believe how active she is at her age, she will be 96 on Saturday!  Now, I have got to come up with a card for her but feel like anything I do won't even compare to her work.  She also surprised me by coming to see me at my shop yesterday, she doesn't drive anymore but got someone to bring her and we enjoyed some time together.

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