Monday, October 12, 2015

Santa's On His Way

I have been working on craft shows the past week and one thing that always sells good is tags.  I made several of each version.

The snowman in this one is retired but is one of my favorites.  The sentiments are from Snow Place.

We have had the best long weekend....the kids have gotten along for the most part!   We went to the Homecoming parade on Thursday and then Sadie was in another parade on Saturday.  I took the littles to a fair on Saturday as well.  They love fair food....string french fries, funnel cakes, lemon shake up, fried oreos....and they ate their little tummies full.  When we were on the way home Dalton asked,  "when do we get another unhealthy day?''.  When I asked what he meant,  he said a day when we get to eat unhealthy!  I had made an appointment to get their pictures made but the photographer didn't show up so I made a few myself.  Couldn't have been more fun except Shelby didn't get in the pictures,.

Miss Ava, being all serious.

Dalton finally cooperating.

Beautiful Sadie, always smiling!

Sadie is so good with the two littles, she can get them to do a lot more than I can.  Wish I had some of Shelby, maybe i will catch her in a better mood soon.  I guess now that she is 17, she doesn't want to hang out with us as much.  Love my kiddos!

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