Friday, October 9, 2015

Let it Snow

Love these little snowmen from the stamp set Snow Place especially the baby one.  We have lots going on this weekend since the kids are out of school and it is Football homecoming week.  Yesterday was the homecoming parade and was the first time Shelby and Sadie got to march in the same parade.  Shelby is in the high school band and Sadie is in the middle school band.  There are 107 kids in Sadie's band!

Shelby loves band, mostly for all the friends she has made.  They are a really close group of kids and the band has won every competition they have been in except for one second place in the past three years.

This was Sadie's first parade with the band and I have never seen her more excited.  She really looks up to Shelby and wants to do everything she does which irritates Shelby.  I love my girls!

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