Friday, March 4, 2016

In the Meadow

Aren't these deer precious!  We live in a subdivision just outside of town and behind our house is a meadow that has a small pond on it and there have been six deer living there for over a year.  Every morning they make their way to our back yard and eat grass, the kids really enjoy seeing them and try to sneak up on them to get a picture but the deer  are too observant and always take off.  One day about two weeks ago I noticed that the smallest one had a wound to its back side and it was limping and  had been bleeding.  I think someone must of wounded it with either an arrow or a gun.  I was going to buy some shelled corn to put out where it could find it but then we haven't seen it with the others so I think it may of died.  Anyway, I love how this card turned out.  This stamp set, In the Meadow, also has some other very pretty trees and rocks that I am going to use to make a scene with soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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