Monday, March 14, 2016

Prom Swag

Hope your weekend was good, ours was awesome.  We went to see  a Mary Poppins musical put on by the high school students. It was very well done and my kiddos are still singing the songs.  I think Dalton enjoyed it most, he even bought one of the Mary Poppins hats(his dad wasn't pleased that he was wearing a "girl" hat but he didn't tell Dalton that).  My Shelby is a Junior this year and I am helping with After Prom, this is one of the samples I made for putting their "swag in".  I also made a larger one but the photo didn't turn out very well.  The theme is Enchanted Forest so the Woodland Embossing folder was perfect and their colors are different shades of blue and purple.  I have to make 400 of these so I will be a little busy the next few weeks.  Thanks for stopping by!

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