Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Little Pun Intended

My favorite Sale a Bration stamp set is the Hey, Chick and so far it has also been a favorite of my customers.  I specially love the little cracked egg with feet in this set so I combined it with the dozen of eggs from the Perfect Mix stamp set.  Love it, and know exactly who I am sending this card to.  My son Seth is dyslexic and all through school he had teachers describe him as "floats his own boat",
"sings to a different tune", "unique",  "different","a genius in math but can't read", and many, many more. He even had one teacher who must have thought he was an alien because he asked him to levitate a pencil!  It was very frustrating for him during his grade school years but when he got to high school he finally had a teacher who totally understood him and he taught him to read.  Now we laugh about it so I know he will find this card amusing although he is probably more like one in a million.

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