Friday, January 6, 2017

Roy and Martha

Today I have another card from the SAB stamp set Hey, Chick!  If you are wondering about the title of my post, there is a little story to go with it.  My mom had an aunt and uncle named Roy and Martha and they were quite the pair.  Roy was a drinker and Martha did not like it and she let him know it.  The more she complained, the more he drank and the funnier he got as far as us kids were concerned.  We loved him dearly because he played with us and always had a funny joke to tell.  He gave us two baby chickens once and of course we had to name them Roy and Martha.  They were so tame that they would allow us to carry them around and we would  put Roy in a sand bucket and he was so fat he couldn't get out.  But one day it started to rain and we ran in the house and left Roy in the sand bucket and he drowned.  A short time later a  fox got Martha.  I knew when I saw this stamp set that I had to put this story with it, just had to!

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Barbara B. said...

Love your story about those chickens. I think this stamp set is hilarious. TFS