Saturday, July 30, 2016

Back Yard Fun

This is a photo of our Bean House, this is something we do for the kids as their garden.  I forgot to take a photo before we planted the beans.  My husband put posts in the ground in the shape of a little house and then put string from the ground over the top and sides leaving a space empty for the door.  Then the kids planted the beans and this year they wanted to plant pumpkins as well so we have three pumpkin plants.  As the beans grow we  train the vines  along the strings to cover the house.  The littles love it and it becomes their "hideout".  The big girls like it but aren't as thrilled by it as they were a few years ago.  We all like the green beans!

 They are almost ready to pick.

 And while I was taking pictures of the Bean House, I took one of Shelby's tree.  When she was in third grade, the Forestry department  did a presentation at her school and gave all the kids a tree to take home and plant.  By the time she got hers home she had broken the top out of it and it looked pitiful, but we let her pick a spot and plant it.  It was about four inches tall at that time.  That tree was meant to husband accidentally backed over it with the lawn mower and ran into it with his truck once and the wind blew it over several times and she would straighten it up after each incident.

I have a picture of her when she planted it somewhere, so I made her get one with it now so I can scrapbook it.

Since I am showing back yard pictures, here is one of my favorite pastime this Summer, watching humming birds.  I planted some flowers that attract humming birds and they love them but there are so many of them I added in a feeder which they fight over.  The most I have seen on the feeder at once is three but there must be at least fifteen around the yard at once feeding on the flowers.

I spend a lot of time outside keeping an eye on these two birds who would live in the pool if I let them.  They were changed into swim suits by 8:30 this morning but I held them off until 10:00.

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