Monday, July 4, 2016

Jar of Love

Today I have another jar card to share, this one filled with flowers.  I have a large flower garden in my yard with a lot of perennials that bloom from early Spring through Fall.  When Sadie was about five she loved picking flowers and putting them in a vase for her room.  I would walk around the yard and help her pick one of each kind.  She caught me busy in the house and set out on her own once, she picked every single tulip and daffodil in the yard, even the ones not fully bloomed out.  She must of realized what she had done when they wouldn't all fit in her vase so she took her "leftovers" to the next door neighbor and gave them to her.  I couldn't get mad at her but did have a little talk about only picking a few and leaving some to enjoy later.  Thanks for stopping by!

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