Monday, March 21, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond....

Good Monday morning, hope you had a good weekend! The sun is shining, the birds are singing me a song, the kids got off to school without any problems, my husband is teaching this week(yes!), and I am caught up with laundry for the moment. What more could I ask for!!! Ok, enough about how good I feel is a cute project I made which is totally cased from Ellen Kemper. I always make two of any thing I make because it is just as easy to do while all the stuff is out for the one. Well, I am glad I did because I thought Dalton was being very quiet for some reason and when I checked on him I knew why. He was sitting under the kitchen table with Buzz or should I say pieces of Buzz. When he realized he was caught he looked up and said, "Mems" which is what he says for M&M's. He knows I put candy in my treat containers most of the time and that is all he wanted! It was so funny all I could do was laugh and give him a few "Mems". If you want the directions for making Buzz(she also has directions for making the full body of buzz) check her blog here .    Thanks for stopping by!

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Lynn said... boys would have hijacked buzz too...totally adorable!