Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Under the Big Top

Good evening!  It seems like my days are shorter every day, I haven't been getting much accomplished as far as stamping goes because there is so much else going on.  I have been trying to get the girls ready to go back to school next week and we have had eye doctor appointments, dentist appointments, othodontist visits, and clothes shopping plus they each got a new horse and so we have been spending time getting to know Black Beauty and Emma.  I took them both for yearly check ups yesterday and they were both healthy as could be and then around 10:00 I went in to kiss Sadie good night and she was burning up with fever, 104.4.  The fever has been down most of the day but she doesn't feel well at all so I will probably be heading back to the doctor by the end of the week to see what is going on.   I did manage to get a card stamped today, I used one of my favorites from the new catalog, Under the Big Top.  The Big Top Birthday DSP is gorgeous, the colors are so bright and cheery.

I had to share this photo as well, we went camping last week and this is a photo of the girls on the goft cart.  Shelby will get her driver's license in three years and I am already starting to dread that day.  She is so hyper and this picture is just how I imagine the two of them in a car, Shelby zooming around with Sadie holding on for dear life!  They are such goof balls!  Thanks for stopping by.

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