Monday, November 14, 2011

Red Nosed Reindeer

Good Monday morning!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine didn't start out so good but yesterday made up for it.  I have to tell you about an event  I set up a booth at.  I probably didn't find out enough about it before hand which was my first mistake.  It was a fund raiser so they charged admission and sold tickets beforehand.  What I didn't know was that they also sold alcohol at the event which is  always  a red flag for me.  I don't think it was well advertised either because the attendance was not good and the ladies there were more interested in the drinks than anything else.  It was supposed to last until 10:00 pm but at 7:30 I packed up and left.  I guess it was a lesson learned.  Yesterday was a wonderful day out with all three of my girls, we went shopping and had a super good day.

Ok, enough whining...I do have a cute project for you today.  I love the stocking die in the Holiday Mini and also love finding multiple uses for it.  I didn't come up with the original idea to use it for a reindeer but I put a few of my ideas into this one.  I used the one of the leaves from the leaf die for his antlers and made his eyes from the oval punch and gave him long eyelashes.  I also put a Box #2 die in the middle to hold a gift card, treat, or small gift.  The box fits perfectly and all you have to do is cut one end out of it.  Thanks for stopping by.

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