Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When in Doubt ...Dance!

Good morning!  Today I have the card I made for my Sadie, the DSP is retired as well as the stamp set but she doesn't mind.  We had dress rehearsal last night and tonight is the real thing.  I think I am almost ready, I have her a gift(a charm bracelet) and still have to get flowers.  The girl's grandparents are here from Alabama, it's rare that they can get to be part of their activities but this time they get to see both girls in something. 

This is the tag I made for her gift bag.

 Here's a photo of Sadie waiting to dance last night.

This was after the dance.  Sadie is a very tall girl for her age and all the kids in her group are so much shorter, you can barely see the little girl sitting behind her and she is up on her knees!

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