Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bag in a Box

A bag in a box is popular again so I made a few with  the leftovers from the retired Band Stand Simply Scrappin' kit.  most of the ones i have seen have a handle but I chose to leave it off since I am filling it with 3 1/2 x 4 inch cards and matching envelopes.

I made two of each of these cards with these envelopes made with the Envelope Punch board.

This is the other bag which has the same cards as above in it.

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Todays adventure....

We went to the Marine Center which serves as a hospital for sea turtles that are injured by boats in the ocean.  They are nursed back to health and released back to the water.  They had a bunch of huge aquariums set up with all kinds of sea creatures.  Dalton's favorite was the huge eels and Ava liked the baby sharks.  They also had a touch tank which had sting rays and baby sharks and that was the favorite of the big girls.  In the photo Dalton and Ava are in the laboratory looking at skeletons of small fish and sea creatures.  I love it when fun is educational as well!

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