Monday, June 8, 2015

Berry Good Year

My Sadie loves to give her teachers something to remember her by.  She wanted  it to be something
involving the Berry Basket so we made this one using the Coaster Board and added a Watermelon Wonder bow to it.  She also wanted to make a tag to go in it using a sentiment she had seen on Pinterest..."We had a berry good year but orange you glad it is summer".  So we used the PL blank grid cards and she added the handwritten sentiment and we punched it to make a tag out of it.

Then we filled it with orange and berry items.

and a few strawberries.

and a flowerpot card.

The best part of this was that we made it together.  We made two of everything because she didn't want to leave the teachers aide out.  I am so proud of her, she has had a really good year.  She made Honor Roll 3 times and then had  two B's which knocked her off the 4th time.  Her teacher gave her class a list of 25 things to choose from and had them to vote for who they thought would be most likely to become those things on the list.  She was voted Most Artisitc and Most Likely to Become a Doctor.  We got the artistic part but don't know where the doctor part came from!

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