Saturday, June 6, 2015

Flowers for the Teachers

While I had the daisy die cuts out, I made this little flower pot as part of the end of the year teacher gifts for the kids to give to their teachers.  Don't you just love this was tied onto some tape I ordered online the other day.  I put it next to a piece of the Watermelon Wonder ribbon and it is the same exact shade.  But alas...I used every inch of it to make four of these flower pots.  This is just part of the gifts, I will show you the rest tomorrow!

We are still in Kentucky, I got to visit with some of my family yesterday.  I hadn't seen  one of my sisters nor my brother in 3 years so we had a lot of catching up to do.  They live in the mountainous region of Kentucky and yesterday on the way to their house we saw a black bear sitting in the middle of the road.  The kids went crazy with excitement and wanted to get out and pet it.  Of course we didn't let them but we did stop the car and watch him for about twenty minutes.  He had a sprite bottle that someone had thrown out and was trying to get into it.  He finally managed and he turned it up and drank it.  We had some crackers and the kids wanted to throw them out for him, it startled him and he ran off but not far.  He sat and starred at us for a while.  As we were on our way back he was out again and all the crackers had been eaten. We took some pictures and I hope to share them soon, the mountains make it hard to have Internet service and I haven't been able to have it long enough for my pictures to download.

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