Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friend to Friend

My computer has been down for the past few days because a certain little 5 year old decided to download music and now I can't get anything to upload from my camera. Today's post is something I made last month and decided it was not a good enough photo to put on my blog but it's all I have so here it is. I used pink pirouette and pretty in pink papers. The stamps are Pocket Silhouette and the sentiment says "friend to friend". I have several projects for Father's Day to show you when I get my computer to upload.

This is the culprit! I know what you are can anyone this cute be so rotten? Well, take it from me...she is bad!


dd said...

She is too cute to be too bad! Also wanted to say thanks for the awesome blog candy I won recently and also thanks for getting my kit for the pretty daisy cards out so quickly. I love it.

Janelle said...

Beautiful roses. I wish I had a window to look out that had a view like that! Kids are amazing at finding all the new ways to use a computer...and lock you out of it. lol Happy Monday!