Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doily Birthday

 Good morning!  Lots going on this week, yesterday we went with Sadie on a school field trip to the zoo which was fun. She has always wanted to see a Jaguar and every time we have been to the zoo we have tried to see one without any luck.  This time we saw one but her photo was a little blurry but  she was still happy.  She got a camera for Christmas so she was in charge of all the picture taking except for one and for the most part she did a really good job.  My card today is one that we did in a Technique Class, this time our technique was creative ways to use dies.  For this card I used the Doily die and just cut the center out with a circle punch.

Sadie's second favorite animal was the peacock, there was a lot of them there and they just walk around.  This one followed us to the gate when we left.

The girls spotted the paddle boats right away and just had to go for a ride.  It was an extra charge, $2.00 for thirty minutes so I asked my husband to go with them so I could take a break from walking up and down the hills. He told me not to count on a 30 minute break since he was going to make them do all the paddling, they lasted about 9 minutes!

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