Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tags Day 6

Good morning!  I had a really busy but enjoyable weekend with lots of Holiday happenings.  Today's tag is one of my favorites, I got my Spring catalog/SAB preorder and it was very refreshing to use new stuff.  The ribbon and buttons on this tag are SAB choices.  If you aren't familiar with starts January 22 and lasts until March 22, you can choose one item for FREE from the brochure for each $50.00 purchase from any other current SU catalog. FREE is always fun, if you need a SAB brochure or Spring catalog let me know.  for my tag, I cut two Framelit sizes and used the Snow Much Fun stamp set.  The color combination is Pool Party and Tangerine Tango.  Warning, the rest of this post is about my kiddos so you can check out now if you want.

Now, onto some family fun!  The girls grandparents came from Alabama to visit them and do Christmas with them.  They always stay in a motel so they picked them up Saturday morning and brought them home late that night.  They take them shopping for Christmas and let them buy all the things I won't let them buy!  For example....tons of candy like giant suckers and a huge stash of bubblegum.  Sadie came home with a Fortune Cookie maker, icee maker, and cake pop maker but Shelby did better, she bought a new comforter, sheets and a Nintendo DS.  Then Sunday was nonstop, church in the morning and Christ Kids sang one song in worship, then hurry home to eat a quick lunch, Shelby's band and choir school performance at 2:00, then home to bake cookies for an event this week, then back to Church for Christ Kid's Musical.  Sadie was a Wise-Woman since there wasn't enough boys to fill all the boy spots.  The kids did an awesome job, it was cute and funny but the message was clear...Our Savior was born to answer Heaven's call.

I couldn't get a photo of Shelby, the place was packed and we had to sit too far away.

This is a photo of Sadie and two of her best friends.  Notice the rabbit ears just barely peeking over Sadie's head, I think that was one of the Wiseboys.

Sadie and the Wiseboys as she calls them.

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