Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Easel Drawer Tutorial

If any of my directions are not clear feel free to email me with any questions you might have I have really enjoyed making these and will be making more when I get my little calendars for 2010. I used card stock for the easel and the drawer and then added Designer paper in certain areas.

You will need the following :
4x4 cardstock for the front of easel
4x8 cardstock scored at 2inches and 4 inches for the easel
4x11 cardstock scored at 1 1/8, 2 2/8, 6 3/8, 7 1/4 for the band around the drawer
6x6 cardstock for the drawer scored at 1 inch on all four sides
Designer paper cut to fit the areas where you want to use it
A button or brad to act as a stop for the easel and one for the drawer if desired
Cut and score all your pieces.

For the drawer cut in to the score line on one end, flip to opposite side and do the same(you will have 4 cuts with nothing being cut away).

Trim away just a sliver from these flaps to make it easier to adhere.

Use sticky strip tape on the flaps, fold all score lines and form the box.

Next fold on the score lines for the band, lay the formed box inside the band and fold around the box to find where to add the adhesive(you won't line up with the edge). I used sticky strip here as well since you will be pulling on this to open the drawer.

Fold on the score lines for the easel piece.

The front of the easel (4x4 piece) will be glued to the easel with the bottom edges lined up . You will want to have it completely decorated before adhering to the easel.

Next add your stop, I used a button brad here. You want to place it 2 inches from the bottom edge and 2 inches from the side. You can then add anything else to the easel that you want, I added a 3 3/4 x 2 piece of red card stock here. The last step is to add the easel to the top of your covered drawer, I used sticky strip again. The bottom portion of the easel is 4x4 and should fit perfectly on your 4x4 covered drawer.

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