Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not so Scary Scarecrow

Good afternoon! Today I have a cute punch scarecrow which I cased from Flowerbug's Inkspot, all of it except the face that is. I was working on my little scarecrow when my son Chad came into my craft room to check out what I was doing. I showed him and told him I couldn't get the face "just right". Now before I tell you the rest of my story I have to tell you a little about Chad. Chad is a VERRRY talented artist, he can draw anything he wants to. He went to college to study art but said he couldn't draw what someone told him to draw, he had to draw from the inspiration in his head so he dropped out. I don't ever ask him to draw me anything because he hates it when people do that. But this time he seemed interested so I asked if he wanted some paper to see what he could come up with, I was so delighted when he brought back a whole page of faces and no were two alike. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Lynn said...

Wow - your son is very talented. His scarecrow sketches are fantastic!