Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old Olive or Kiwi Kiss?

Seems like forever since I have had a chance to do anything in my stamp room. I took both girls to the doctor on Monday to get flu shots and yearly check-ups. Then on Wednesday Sadie got up with a rash and a sore throat so I kept her home from school and about 2:00 the school called saying Shelby had a fever so I picked her up and went back to the doctor with both of them. Shelby tested negative for the flu and Sadie tested negative for Strep so I sent them back to school on Thursday. Thursday afternoon the school calls again and said Shelby has fever of 99.4 and has to come home and she can't come to school on Friday. Now my thermometer read 98.2 when I got her home but since the doctor had given us Tamiflu just in case, I started her on that. By 3:00 she was vomiting violently so I called the doctor and she said she was most likely reacting from the medicine. So for the next 6 hours I cleaned up vomit about every half hour because she never made it to the bathroom nor hit the bucket I gave her. I sanitized everything in the house at least 3 times because on top of all this I also had the baby for 3 days. Whew....are you tired yet, I am.
I know you didn't come here to hear me complain so on to my card...this a card very similar to one that I posted sometime earlier. I did change it up a little by adding the Old Olive striped ribbon, now is it just me or does this ribbon appear to be more Kiwi Kiss than Old Olive? I used Kiwi Kiss on this card and it definitely match better than the Old Olive.

We had a very cold soccer game today and the field was terribly muddy. Sadie is such a little diva and she tiptoed through the mud to get to the field and then was conscious every step she made during the game. Needless to say she didn't score any points today. You have to click on her picture to see the look on her face, it is funny. She is the one with the pink hair.

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